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World Gone Beautiful

Linda Buturian

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Reading this book, I’m struck by how studied and considered the pursuit of peace can be—how earnestly we desire it—and yet how that peace seems to reveal itself most when the mind is stilled and the searcher has paused. In this book, in the matrices between these keenly observed and deeply felt labors, there are great threads and ribbons of luminosity. World Gone Beautiful is a lovely work, well-rendered, and as honest as the day is long.
—Rick Bass, The Lives of Rocks and The Ninemile Wolves

The trick with memoir is whether or not the reader is invited into a neighborhood that seems friendly. Reading Linda Buturian’s remembering is like having a cup of tea on an unwinding day with a few folks that you really like. This neighborhood is friendly indeed.
—Dale Brown, Of Faith and Fiction and Conversations with American Writers

In World Gone Beautiful, Linda Buturian introduces us to the contemporary ascesis of intentional living, of deliberate faith, and of the choice to become a member of the Body, truly. She reminds me that, as the fathers say, we are all called to martyrdom; and she reminds me that, so long as we’re doing it, we should seek to do it beautifully.
—Scott Cairns, Short Trip to the Edge and Compass of Affection

Linda Buturian’s prose is as beautiful as the lives and homes she seeks to evoke. Alert, honest, and painstaking, Buturian dwells in stubborn affection for her land and neighbors in rural Minnesota. To read her is to step into community that lasts.
—Paul J. Willis, Bright Shoots of Everlastingness

Rarely has a book been named more perfectly than Linda Buturian’s World Gone Beautiful. Every kind of beauty—of nature, of family, of neighbor and the spirit—illuminates this rich, funny, deeply felt book. Nothing seems to escape Buturian’s fresh gaze, and in the wideness of her vision, the world we thought we knew is commented on, understood, and transformed.
—Erin McGraw, The Good Life and The Seamstress of Hollywood Boulevard

World Gone Beautiful is a scouting report from a necessary American future where people are learning to do more with less. Linda Buturian’s writing, like the “intentional cul-de-sac” she inhabits and celebrates, is nurturing yet edgy, serene yet surprising, good-hearted but dead-honest, idyllic yet raw, reverent and (thank God!) irreverent. This book satisfies like a walk by a river, a fine book of poems, or the oddball neighbor who, you realize over time, has become a cherished friend.
—David James Duncan, The Brothers K and God Laughs and Plays